More About Me

Partner | REALTOR®

If you ask anyone who knows Sandi what comes to mind when they think of her, the first words are; fun, tough, dynamic, blunt, caring, and capable.

There is a great energy around Sandi and what you see is what you get. She is a fighter. She loves competition and feeds off the energy of winning.  All of these things make her a dynamite real estate agent.  Before real estate, Sandi managed health clubs. Big, fancy health clubs in CA and WA. She has taught fitness classes since she was in college and still does today.

When the club she managed in Seattle was being bought out by a larger corporation and her future at the club was uncertain, Sandi decided to take a chance, and with her husband, Matt and their two daughters moved to Boise in December of 2010. They moved to the North End and Sandi got her real estate license.

Sandi wasn’t completely new to Idaho, as she attended the University of Idaho for college and is still a Vandal, through and through. Don’t worry Sandi is still a big Boise State fan as well and is proud of her new home team.  From the moment she and her family arrived, she has felt like she was truly home!

Everyone loves having Sandi at the office because of her fun, entertaining, and positive energy. She is like a sponge, learns what she can from the agents in the office, thinks on her feet and cares deeply for her clients. Because of her caring nature, & fast-paced, get-it-done attitude, She has become quite an agent in demand.  There is no other way to put it… She is a rock star!

Outside of real estate, Sandi still loves to teach fitness classes a few times a week, playing tennis at Crane Creek, singing in her band and cheering on her two daughters at soccer games and competitive cheer meets.